Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I'm a real mom!
Not just because of my beautiful baby boy, but because I love crafts.
When I was very little I thought that crafts were only for old motherly types. Turns out, I'm a mom and I like to make crafts. Here's what I've made lately.

I made these flowers for my sister. They hook onto the clip. They were fun and WAY easy! These pumpkins were fun and very easy as well, especially the ones with decorative paper.
Halloween cat. Halloween cat. Why do you meow and meow like that.
Kind of silly, but it was fun to make.
This was my favorite! I painted the lettering on and made a flower to match.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The End of our Fun Trip!

We went to Lanett, AL (way down yonder on the Chattahoochee) to Matt's favorite area. I met Benny, one of Matt's favorite people from his mission. Makay slept the whole time on the way there.
This is where we stopped on the way back. (in Alabama)This was one of our other stops on the way back. (in Newnan)
We also stopped in Peach Tree City, but forgot to take a picture.
This is Liam waking us up one morning. Cutest little cross dresser that I know.
We went on a hike one day to an old abandoned mill. It was a cool hike.
The Mill:
Our Last Day! :(
This baby loved Georgia so much, he became a Georgia Tech fan.The girls getting ready for school.Liam eatting breakfast.I had to wake Tommy up to say good bye.

I miss that cute family!!

Atlanta Olympic Park

Silje- Just jumped right in and got soaked!
Emma- So funny with her shirt half wet, half dry. She was so cute and happy.
This picture wasn't posed, she didn't even know we took it.
Tommy!Tommy doesn't have hairy armpits, just lint from a new shirt.Liam is so dang cute!Makay loved Daddy holding him in that puddle.

First Braves Game

Dad thinks there will be a second Braves game, but here are pics from the first.
Silje looks way into the game here.
No Makay didn't grow. This is Tommy.

Our Trip to Georgia

This is baby's first ride in an air plane. He really didn't seem to mind it very much. I was really worried that he would cry the whole time. I also heard that take off and landing are hard with a baby because their ears don't pop. His ears seemed fine. He liked the plane more than he likes car rides because he can be held.He fell asleep with Aunt Jefrilyn. So cute!His Cousins Silje, Emma, Tommy and Liam Silje, Emma, Tommy and MakayI love this picture because it looks like Tommy is choking Liam and Liam is choking Makay,but they aren't.Liam love it KayMakels really seemed to love Tommy! I LOVE it these next two pictures!
Man I miss that cute family!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Three Month Birthday!

Wow! Three months ago I was sitting in the hospital waiting for my little boy to arrive. I have so many pictures of him, but I've only put my very favorites here. There should be at least one a week.
This is the day he came home, you can see that he wanted to go back.

Moments before the big snippity snip.
My little peanut!
My cute little Mr. Burns. I keep thinking he's going to say, "Excellent!"
I love his rubby skin!
His first Church outing.He is so hansom.

His first Bath, he loved it!My good looking boys!
Love this look!
Wrinkly forehead! I love this huge binky too!
He loves to stretch!
First time in a swing at GG's
He loves to stare at the camera
1 month - 2 months
I think this was the only time he has ever held still while he wasn't sleeping. He was just chillin in his bouncy seat. So cute!
oh I could eat him!
He loves this swing.
This was before the Lehi Parade. We built a pirate float.

He looks so tiny right here, I miss that.

He loves to cuddle. (I love my boys!)
He won this bandana at AF Days.
Snoozing on his boppy.
Right after his blessing!
2 months- 3 months
His first shoulder ride with Dad!
Holding Raffi his giraffeHe is so tired.Oh this boy is so cute! He loves to laugh!